Serving the communities of Western Kentucky since 2000, Service Plus is a family-owned independent shipping business offering business services, office supplies, and now gifts! Old friends and new, come let us serve you.

Meet Our Staff
Shawn Fagin
Yes, he's from Texas. Yes, he loves his wife enough to enter into voluntary exile. No, he's not kin to the Fredonia Feagans. No, he can't get you a discount on furniture, but he can introduce you to some of the best pecans you ever put into your mouth.
Laura Fagin
Assistant to the Regional Mgr.
No matter the problem, Laura can help put your mind at ease. She hasn't yet written the book on customer service (when she finally does, she'll be able to retire comfortably), but trust us when we say she's the best in the business. She also once won a crossbow shooting contest in Europe. Just sayin'. . .